Mijn bewuste kadootje van dit weekend:
I just had this huge transformation meditation weekend, stepped out of my body, connected with my higher self and just wanted to share the precious diamond and insight I got.
I can see life as a great ocean in which I can play, I am connected to all, I am unique as every single wave and still always in the same energy with all people in this universe and beyond.
I commit to drop my judgements, my preferences and attachments to details of my longterm plans. I will be available for all what comes my way, as it comes. I don’t have to worry if I stumble or fall. I just pick myself up, dust myselff off, have a good laugh and carry on just feeling and knowing I should change some things untill it is right in my heart.
Just knowing when I live from my heart, act from my heart and speak from my heart I will be supported anytime, any place and anywhere by my higher self…and so it is…. (Osho & me)
En alle onbewuste kadootjes die zich nog zullen manifesteren.
Dank je wel hiervoor!