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Caroline Cory - OMnium Methode

Caroline Cory is lerares in bewustzijnsontwikkeling, nieuwe spiritualiteit, energetische geneeswijzen en metafysica. Ze geeft wereldwijd lezingen, cursussen en workshops en is de bedenker van de OMnium methode, een manier om informatie op een energetische wijze over te brengen. Ze heeft drie boeken geschreven en een veelheid aan geleide meditaties gepubliceerd.

Dit is hoe zij zichzelf voorstelt:

“I am a teacher of Consciousness and Spiritual Studies. I am the founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing, which is an experience-based method that allows information to be transferred organically into the cells rather than being processed by the human mind (that is how it is really done in the outer universe). I am also the author of 3 books and a multitude of guided meditations and radio webcasts. I am now working on a new film and an ecological project for 2011.” (Deze film is intussen klaar 🙂 Op haar website kun je daar meer over vinden).

That is what I do as a “day job” but who I really am is a different story. About 15 years ago, I awakened fully to my real lineage. As I could see subtle energy very clearly, I could differentiate the various types of beings there are in this universe and other universes and so I was able to identify the type of being that I was and where I really came from. I saw very clearly the makeup and construct of the universes and how intelligent life gets implanted in various areas of the multiverse for various purposes.

So, in brief, I can say that I am a type of universal being who can assist in the recovery of planets that are stuck in a misaligned position within the galaxy and universe. My energetic work (what I really do) involves integrating new DNA patterns on the Earth plane, raising the vibration of the collective consciousness of a species, creating new ways and belief systems on the Earth that will bring about fundamental change, implementing various grid calibrations to allow a new reality to surface on the Earth, opening specific pathways for communication and transport between Earth, the Galaxy and Source at the center of this Local Universe etc. etc. How is that for a job description?”


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