In just one session my daughter’s growing fear of dogs was solved.

My daughter Laura had a growing fear of dogs from birth. There was no apparent trigger for this fear to arise but by the time she was turning 5 the problem was getting completely out of control. We were unable to take her anywhere outdoors except to playgrounds where dogs were banned and visiting friends was becoming a restricted experience. Her distress (and ours) continued to escalate and it was then that we sought help from Hyacyntha.

We had just one session where I acted as surrogate for Laura. During this session Hyacintha skillfully tracked the root cause of Lauras problem which was a previous life experience and left a deep trauma. With me continuing to act as surrogate she released this trauma and then reprogrammed the memory cells that had held the trauma with new information that allowed freedom and a new script to be implanted of what Laura wished for in her life.

Following this session we observed huge changes in Laura immediately eg not having to cross the road when meeting a person walking a dog, to later showing a distant interest in dogs. These changes continued apace over the following year, progressing in a forward but gradual manner until one morning she talked about a dream she had of dogs where she had created a room full of them. Following this the change was dramatic and she started walking friends dogs and asking for a new pet in her life… a dog!

We are all so grateful to Hyacintha for her intervention and bringing such a release of this block affecting us all but particularly Laura and all in just one session.

Fionn, Lauras mum