I heard this message…

I had Vision last night as I was just meditating and connecting to Source, like an end of the day one-on-one meeting to communicate from my heart in silence, to breathe and BE.

I felt and saw a bright light within me lighting up, matching the Light of the divine Creator…
And suddenly I saw a light next to me ignite, and then another, and another, … and a sea of lights lit up all around the Light of Source, all awakening and connecting.

I recognized all these particles of lights as being other souls, I saw them as bodies of Light, all waking up to their true Divine Essence… remembering Home.

As this happened I could feel the energy becoming more powerful… the full potential of each Being / Consciousness coming to life, and the flow of this love just expanding more and more.

I heard this message…

“You are all asking for this collective awakening and have been for a long time. You are all doing great work to awaken yourSelf and to support others in their awakening too… so rejoice when it happens!
Each individual awakening is a collective awakening as we are not separate as you know. To believe that someone else can do more than you, or is better in something, or has greater talent and abilities, or is further along, means you are still living in the Illusion of separation. There is no competition, as you are all one Body. You all have infinite potential, you are just experiencing your own specific expression of this in the Now.

So many people talk about how they want to help create the New Earth, offer help and guidance to lift others up… but when it happens they feel smaller and less important, and actually subconsciously they still want to be better or a step ahead, afraid they will get “left behind”

This is once again the illusion of separation. It can come up for anyone. Just notice it and shift it immediately.

Each one of you are masters, just on different places and levels on your soul path, as you so brilliantly planned it yourself. Even the ones you are teaching and guiding, are your greatest teachers and guides in return.”
Rejoice in the growth, expansion, talents, gifts, and awakenings in all others, no matter what it is or how it is expressed or achieved.
As it is the Source igniting It’s particles within each and every one of us, and as we truly recognize this light within us and within others, the separation aspect will fade away, and we will feel and know completely that “I am You and You are me”