The healing you provided was a turning point for me.

I found the contact with you very warm and reassuring and the fact that you had such close experience of a similar kind with your own child (that goes beyond coincidence!) confirmed my feeling that you were the person meant to help us.

The healing you provided was a turning point for me:
I could let go of my sense of guilt and felt an instantaneous renewal of deep trust in my son. It was so liberating to feel a burden lift and such a relief to feel that intimate connection with my child restored.

I have been able to move on and put this all behind me and feel so much stronger and clearer and lighter.
The healing (and cutting out the bits of film) and almost certainly the change in me has meant my son seemed to turn the corner too. His hefty outbursts of anger diminished drastically to the point where I would say they are gone.
I don’t doubt that he carries scars from this all and occasionally I see him slip into the old place (pain body!) of withdrawl, anger and confusion. But mostly it seems to me that he has been able to leave it all behind him too.

I don’t think I can explain sufficiently what a gift this has been and it made all the difference to the nature of our mother-son connection during our travels.

I continue to be drawn to the work of Caroline Cory. I have to admit that I have struggled to get through her book Beyond 2012, as I just get bogged down in the technical details. But everytime I follow a meditation of hers or yours, I can sense so clearly how powerful it is and have a strong sense that it is the way for me to proceed at this time.

I agree with your most recent message, there is an amazing energy at this moment, I feel way out of my ‘comfort zone’, yet surprisingly calm with a sense of great potential all around me.

Warm greetings.